Acosta/Lentz Wedding

Taryn’s Wedding was held at the Kemper Art Gallery. Her colors were orange, coral, pink, peach and gold. Protea were added to make these garden flowers unique and eclectic. Gold touches were added on the leaves and in containers. The grooms boutonniere was made with an air plant and succulents were added in gold goblets. The beautiful photos were done by Alea Lovely Photography.

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Hong Kong Fashion Editorial in Pacific Weddings Magazine

We got to work with the amazing and incredibly talented Alea Lovely while she shot some exclusive photos of Vivian Luk’s new line in Hong Kong. The magazine feature is beautiful but here are some photos you might not see in there. So excited to be apart of this global shoot!!


2013-07-11_0002 2013-07-11_0003 2013-07-11_0004 2013-07-11_0005 2013-07-11_0006 2013-07-11_0007 2013-07-11_0008
2013-07-11_0010 2013-07-11_0011 2013-07-11_00122013-07-11_0001

Special thanks to our team.

Dresses : Vivian Luk Atelier
Styling & Decor : Sandra Chau Tung
Bouquets: J.F. Floral Couture
Boutonniere and Decor : Victorian Gardens
Makeup : Mini Chan
Hair: Nick Fung
Hair piece: Emmy Ray
Models: Zuzana Tobolkova & Francois Wong
Video footage : Piotr Bebenek

Kenzi and Jeff Wedding Reception

Kenzi and Jeff were married on a beautiful white beach but had their reception here, local in Kansas City at a newer venue called Dark Horse Distillery. Green and whites with gold accents over flowed the tables. The signature head table was created with a floor length garland drape of green and white hydrangeas. While the tall table arrangements were filled with hydrangeas, honeysuckle, spiraea and queen annes lace. Little gold ginger jars of David Austin roses and gold mercury mint juleps with green hydrangeas filled the tables. Photos by Todd Davidson Photo. Congratulations Kenzi and Jeff. Thank you for letting us be apart of your day.

KenziAndJeff1095IMG_1868 KenziAndJeff1046IMG_188517585_10151728323307138_1876427091_nKenziAndJeff1078KenziAndJeff1035IMG_1891KenziAndJeff1077KenziAndJeff1080

KenziAndJeff1097IMG_1913KenziAndJeff1108KenziAndJeff1110 KenziAndJeff1148 KenziAndJeff1185 KenziAndJeff1200 KenziAndJeff1231KenziAndJeff1236KenziAndJeff1234 Unknown-1KenziAndJeff1050 UnknownKenziAndJeff1101


Lisa and Adam’s Wedding

Lisa was married at Village Presbyterian and the reception was at the Ballroom in the President Hotel. Her colors were Coral and Pink. Coral charm peonies and astilbe. Were her choice of flowers. Beautiful gold vessels filled with lovely blooms adorn the tables filled with old book and teacups of her family’s collection. Such a sweet day for such a sweet couple. Photos by Alea Lovely.

alealovely_88alealovely_17010758_10151666834799872_435869405_nalealovely_147alealovely_1812013-05-13_0013alealovely_1502013-05-13_0025alealovely_148alealovely_180alealovely_293 995662_10151666810994872_1206842078_n

alealovely_357alealovely_163alealovely_1203764_10151666847024872_1864766915_n7050_10151666827549872_1861926665_n945163_10151645079374872_401447654_n 993081_10151666850234872_1304710703_nalealovely_116 2013-05-13_00212013-05-13_0020


Chrissy Looney and Brent Rice

We had the pleasure of helping with Chrissy and Brent’s Wedding. Such a beautiful union of a wonderful couple. Her colors were in Amethyst and pinks. We uses orchids, garden roses, and peonies. Babies breath to fill brides bouquets and alter arrangements. Congratulations!!

alealovely_394601900_10151893589504688_997207123_nalealovely_408Looney weddingalealovely_315 alealovely_345alealovely_494

Allison and Brett Wedding

Allison’s Wedding was held at the beautiful Stanley. Rich tones of Purples, eggplant, and Amethyst filled the venue. Her bouquet was graced with clematis, Anemones, orchids, tulips and succulents. Her bridesmaids bouquets were filled in greens to complement their eggplant dresses. Flower girls heads were adorned with fresh sprays of garden flowers and vases filled with candle light and floating florals filled the tables. The alter was later replaced with the cake table were a beautiful cake made by Classic Cakes was placed. All this romance captured beautifully by Lark Photos.


3590_587897864567436_1507531040_n 215341_587897737900782_896010514_n46129749-345-1

46129712-mike174 46129715-mike16846129707-mike192








Fight For Them


Recently we were contacted by some of our friends and collages to help be apart of this cause to fight human trafficking. Knowing about the epidemic of human trafficking and the horrible evil happening to women and children across the globe, without hesitation we jumped on board with them.Feeling paralyzed by the weight of such a global crisis and thinking what could we do in the face of something so terrible and so far reaching? The founder Mindy Greaves, of the Fight for Them Campaign, saw the effects of human trafficking first hand while living overseas and was moved to act.

She says, “I can’t do everything, but I must do something.”376092_584248951598994_1413779800_n

Mindy founded Fight for Them which makes beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Every piece of jewelry has one “pearl of hope” as well as the initials of a victim that has been rescued out of trafficking. When jewelry is purchased, 100% of the profits go directly to three organizations working in Southeast Asia to rescue, counsel, and rehabilitate girls from the sex trade: IHH InternationalShe Rescue Home, and Zoe.

317414_584249101598979_871054218_n378218_584248931598996_563275742_n431905_584249061598983_927928315_n 378254_584249021598987_705172033_nFight for Them even has bracelets and necklaces sized for little girls. These would make great gifts and daily reminders of those who are living lives of hope and freedom after such bondage. 

164280_584248894932333_1481044126_n528406_584248791599010_2007716807_n603757_584248844932338_1464141175_n 601862_584249004932322_924907240_n 62592_584249051598984_1509885692_nHere is more from Mindy….


My name is Mindy Greaves and I am the founder of the “Fight for Them” campaign. I am a mommy to 3 small children and my husband and I know that sometime in our future we will adopt another daughter.  While my husband was stationed in Guam, we were able to see the devastation of human trafficking in Southeast Asia firsthand.

There are 27 million victims of human trafficking.  32 billion dollars a year are made off their bodies and over half of them are children.  Every 30 seconds another victim is captured. 

The idea that our future daughter could face these tragedies placed an extreme heaviness on me.  While researching I read this quote, “Evil prevails when good men do nothing.”  I knew that to cower from this giant would be to fail the one who had no voice. This resonated in me and I knew there had to be something that even I, a stay at home mom with a heavy heart, could do. 

I felt compelled to fight for every victim of human trafficking the way I would fight for my own children.  I had this burden for a reason, not to be pushed away but to draw me to a place of urgency, a place that would compel me to fight.  From that moment on I have had a fight in me that cannot be hindered.  I may not be able to do everything but I MUST do something.

I am inviting you to join the fight.


Floral Jungle

Floral Jungle! Great title for this explosion of flowers and rich tones that we used for this inspiration shoot. We had the privilege of using  2 of Australian Designer Jennifer Gifford dress. Along with another amazing dress from Alea Lovely. This was so much fun to use the bright beautiful gold ballroom at Hilton President Hotel. We had the privilege of setting up the decor and floral…LOTS of floral. Along with one of the floral headpieces. An amazing tiered cake was provided by Andrea of Classic Cakes. Hair by Neon Hair Design and makeup by Cara Porter. This designed shoot was featured in the Autumn/winter issue of Australia’s North Coast Weddings Magazine.

alealovely_1179alealovely_1115alealovely_1144 alealovely_1117 alealovely_1119 alealovely_1125 alealovely_1138 alealovely_1139 alealovely_1140 alealovely_1141 alealovely_1142alealovely_1148 alealovely_1149 alealovely_1163 alealovely_1166 alealovely_1170 alealovely_1172
alealovely_1174alealovely_1180 alealovely_1191 303378_10151807175439688_1094067470_nFloral Jungle

Rachel and Ashkahn Wedding

Rachel and Ashkahn had a beautiful wedding at Mildale Farms. Her beautiful colors were in all blush and neutral tones. Her bouquets were filled with garden roses, tulips, dahlias, sedum, hydrangeas and on the grooms request grapes. We lined the aisle with blush rose petals and adorn the chairs with clusters of flowers. The family style setting reception tables were lined with different arrangements and sizes in mix match vintage silver pieces. The cake was made by Classic Cakes. Photos by Steven Michael Photo. This wedding was featured on 100 Layer Cake Blog Thank you Rachel and Ashkahn for giving us this opportunity to assist you with your special day. Congratulations!

rachel_ashkan_0189rachel_ashkan_0038 rachel_ashkan_0040 rachel_ashkan_0176 rachel_ashkan_0178 rachel_ashkan_0179 rachel_ashkan_0181 rachel_ashkan_0188rachel_ashkan_0198 rachel_ashkan_0235 rachel_ashkan_0277 rachel_ashkan_0279 rachel_ashkan_0284 rachel_ashkan_0315 rachel_ashkan_0316 rachel_ashkan_0318 rachel_ashkan_0328 rachel_ashkan_0376 rachel_ashkan_0388 rachel_ashkan_0392 rachel_ashkan_0394 rachel_ashkan_0397 rachel_ashkan_0399 rachel_ashkan_0401 rachel_ashkan_0404 rachel_ashkan_0405 rachel_ashkan_0406 rachel_ashkan_0407 rachel_ashkan_0408Mildale farm

Ashlea’s Longview Wedding

Ashlea’s and Cliffs wedding was held at the beautiful Longview Mansion. Her colors were lavender and blush and every detail was accounted for. She wanted something different and unique. So her bridesmaids carried beautiful pearl strung pomanders filled with lavender roses. Her bouquet was filled to the rim with gorgeous gardens roses in ivories and blush roses. The grooms and groomsmen wore bouts with leaves rolled in cone shape and overflowing with moss wire and berries. The alter was custom built in large urns with willow to create a floating cascade of flowers that draped around them in front of a looking glass pond. In the reception tables were filled with manzanita trees in stone pots with hanging votives and flowers. Photos were by. Lark Photos and Videography by. Alea Lovely.

0425-1156827976-O0268-1156727688-O0056-1146124330-O 0424-1156827164-O0709-1158380020-O 0737-1158395395-O 0748-1158402830-O 0872-1158545294-O 0876-1158550482-O 0920-1158595139-O 0998-1157603153-O 1000-1157606125-O 1155-1157528258-O 1182-1157545231-O 1185-1157547483-O 1212-1157569718-O arbor blush_lavender collage

T-Sat 9am-5pm

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