Courtenay and Andy’s Wedding

This lovely wedding was filled with blush and white. Soft textures with hydrangeas, Juliet roses and blushing bride with touched of rice flower accented the bridesmaids bouquets. Peonies and clematis filled the pure white  brides bouquet and larkspur with crystals dripped around the centerpieces. A beautiful touch to a stunning venue at The Mission Hills Country Club.  The whole day was captured by none other than the adorable and talented. Laura of Lark photography. Such a blessing to be apart of this amazing day.

0335-3459455479-H10600398_825167574173796_6135474231335389117_n 0207-3459430389-H0218-3459432561-H0012-3459395607-H0410-3459582569-H10570353_825167870840433_6400588021672568873_n0442-3459587434-H0426-3459585151-H0428-3459585599-H 0484-3459594668-H0646-3459625761-H 0642-3459625282-H0651-3459626498-H0652-3459626837-H 0656-3459627430-H1328-3459806346-H 10352391_825168210840399_46348884086402689_n10468067_825167994173754_7320120118548419276_n 10537142_825168267507060_2736971186152523485_n10613040_825168100840410_1585022170017304127_n10562928_825167950840425_7365395641935049551_n10568990_825167134173840_369991563625440777_n10576925_825168740840346_2072301262635208713_n10590615_825168874173666_3467824819012278397_n1327-3459805488-H 10599719_825169907506896_2770713596245059939_n10609553_825167494173804_8172760315783128529_n10610876_825168730840347_1904710335261564679_n10547568_825169940840226_4943941423276732434_n

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