Destination St. Louis Wedding

We love to travel and heading to St. Louis MO it was so much fun. Being apart of the union of the Sheridan and Berry families was a weekend we won’t soon forget and will treasure in our hearts forever. Zack and Kelsey’s wedding was one of fun, family and pure love. We stayed in the Missouri Athletics Club where the reception location took place. We worked with a wonderful team of professionals from the hotel staff to event planner Megan with Mr.and Mrs. and of course photography by Alea Lovely. We enjoyed our time with these delightfully and loving families. Thank you for making us apart of yours.

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Autumn Abundance

The Midwest has the most beautiful season of fall. The rich colors of the changing leaves was the idea addition to the look and feel of Danielle and Mark’s Wedding. Marsala and Plum mixed with blush, pinks and gold went perfectly with the setting Autumn sunset that crested on the horizon of the Hawthorne House. All of this captured by  Monika of Monphotogrphy.  Congrats to Dani and Mark.

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DIY Christmas Garland

This is the week of Christmas. We are prepping and preparing for a warm home full of family and friends. One way to bring in the scent of christmas is a fresh garland for your mantel. We demo one for you this week that is easy and quick to spruce up your home.

Gather these items to start:

  • Mix of Greens ( great to get at local stores or christmas tree farms)
  • Rope or twine
  • spool wire (gage 22″)
  • Wire cutters
  • Shears


Lets Begin


1.  Start by cutting green pieces about 5 inches in length IMG_0535

2. Make piles of all your greens for easy access as you create


3. Measure your mantel with rope or twine and make sure to account for draping on each side if you like.


4. Cluster 3-4 stems together and tie off with wire.


5. Add your twine in to keep your length and for extra security in your structure.


6. Keep bundling 4-5 stems at a time and add to the exposed stems on the twine.


7. When you have reached the end of your twine tie the last bundle in the opposite direction to cover the exposed stems and for a finished look


Drape across your mantle and enjoy..


We added a potted white amaranths along with our glitter dear






Potted white Poinsettia and paperweight bulbs.


Leftover greens make a great addition in a mercury glass vase of water.


Merry Christmas from our Family to yours.

Blueberries, Peaches and Cream

We love new and exciting venues and  Heritage Ranch in Sedalia was the perfect location for this laid back country lace wedding. Rachel planned her wedding from her home in Saipan where her groom and her both taught at the local elementary school. Rachel was a wonderful bride who came to us with a clear idea of what she was looking for and yet still allowed us some creativity in design. This wedding day was filled with the most adorable details such as lots of children with balloons, bubbles, swings, climbing in old cars all of them finding, sharing and hiding toads. So much fun all wrapped up with a bon-fire and yard games to send the sweet couple off. This all captured by Lark Photos. Thank you Rachel and Will for choosing us to help you with your special day.



Christmas Wreathing Workshop

We had a delightful Christmas Wreathing workshop this year. Many  of our dear close friends all brought together by the Christmas cheer and wonderful gathering of friendship.  The Stanley Event Space  accommodated  us with their stunning and festive historical space which made a lovely backdrop for this event. Treats and drinks of Raspberry rhubarb tarts, mini cheesecakes, tea cupcakes,Wassail, hot coco  and homemade chocolate chip cookie by  Andrea of Classic Cakes warmed the guests as the sweet aroma of pine and cedar filled the space. The gentle chatter and laughter made for a very enjoyable evening. These beautiful photos captured by Meghan Savage Photo left a lasting keepsake for our guest to see. Thank you to all who came and we are so excited about the next workshop to come.


DIY Christmas Dinner Party Favors

2015-12-06 23.40.03I love the holiday season and the memories we make with family and friends each year. I also love putting together a little memento for my guest to remember our special time. But how do we keep it simple during the hustle and bustle of the season? Here is a simple “how to” on a place setting/ornament for each guest to take home and enjoy for years to come.

Gather a few items:

  1. Hobby store clear or frosted glass bulb ornaments
  2. Can of chalkboard spray pain
  3. white sharpie pen
  4. ribbon of your choice

Lets get started.2015-12-06 21.50.28

  1. gather all your supplies

2015-12-06 21.55.18

2. remove the metal cap and wire hook from the ball and place over a wooded floral pick stuck into a piece of hard floral foam and spray your ball with the chalkboard paint.

2015-12-06 21.59.29

3. Paint your design and name of arriving guests (we decorated with snowflake)

2015-12-06 23.40.03

4. Tie off with a simple ribbon that they can use to hang their ornament when they bring it home.

2015-12-07 18.14.30

5. Place on their plate at the set table.

2015-12-06 23.37.04

*You could also place it in a coffee cup to keep it from rolling around.


2015-12-07 18.17.22

6. Set the rest of your table with your flowers and wait for your guests.

We hope you enjoyed this simple idea and have a wonderful holiday season. And from our family … Merry Christmas!

DIY Christmas Bouquet

We made this holiday bouquet some time back and it is all over Pinterest. Victorian Gardens Foral Design Pinterest board  Many have been asking what is in it and how to make it. So, here is a step-by-step of how we put this bouquet together.


Christmas Holiday Bouquet DIY


Christmas Holiday Bouquet DIY


Lets get started:

2015 DIY

Step 1: Start with Freedom Red roses (2 Dozen), which are readily available from your local Costco or Trader Joe’s. Red Alstroemeria, chocolate cosmos or Black scabiousa (butterfly blooms)  along with your favorite selection of evergreens. We chose Red Cedar and Juniper berries or Seeded Eucalyptus. Red Velvet to tie off.


Step 2: Clean the leaves, thorns and any damaged leaves from the blooms.

2015-Christmas Holiday Bouquet DIY

Step 3: bundle about 4-5 roses then began adding the alstroemeria as you rotate the bundle in your hand.

2015-Christmas Holiday Bouquet DIY

Step 4:  As you build add in the black/chocolate cosmos or scabiousa along with the seeded Eucalyptus or juniper berry.

2015-Christmas Holiday Bouquet DIY

Step 5: Add the red cedar underneath to cover the stems and finish off the fresh arrangement.

2015-CHristmas Holiday Bouquet DIY

Step 6: Cut all the stems the same length for a fresh clean cut and it is ready for water.

2015-Christmas Holiday Bouquet DIY

Step 7… Tie off with the velvet red ribbon for a beautiful finish.

2015-Christmas Holiday Bouquet DIY

Now you have your finished bouquet. This makes a wonderful hand tied gift for a Christmas dinner, party or cut the stems short and put in a vase for a centerpiece. We hope you have enjoyed this DIY and have fun.

Photo by Alea Lovely Photography


Raspberry and Sugar Plums

The new Restoration 1894 is a breathtaking venue that has been restored back to its original luster and charm. Original hard wood floors, tin ceilings and crown molding make this the place for any event looking for a timeless look. With touches of raspberries,wine, plums and pinks with touches of oak and fern this was a feast for the eyes. A stunning gown by Modern Trousseau, the Windsor from Altar Bridal. Hair and Make-up by Traci Morby Styling, paper by  Little Yellow Leaf and Madison Sanders Events and photography by Erica with Anecdotally Yours

Ribbet collag-21.jpgrestoration30restoration67Ribbet collage-20restoration131Ribbet collage-18Ribbet collage-7restoration28 (1)Ribbet collage-4restoration191Ribbet collage-16restoration139Ribbet collage-19restoration108Ribbet collage-8restoration66Ribbet collage-9Ribbet collage-10restoration96 (1)Ribbet collage-2restoration203Ribbet collage-13restoration163restoration150Ribbet collage-13restoration138-15jegrestoration199restoration171Ribbet collage-11restoration131 (1)Ribbet collage-5restoration178restoration91 (1)restoration27restoration164Ribbet collage-14restoration133restoration111restoration189restoration183restoration174restoration68restoration132restoration134Ribbet collage-6restoration192restoration137restoration135restoration68 (1)restoration113restoration28restoration124restoration147restoration125restoration91restoration158restoration148

T-Sat 9am-5pm

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