My Valentines Way

Valentines day is right around the corner, and as a florist my view is not so pretty. With high gouge prices and less than perfect product, it’s sometimes hard to provide quality to clients. My best advise is save the roses for a birthday or anniversary. On valentines day buy a beautiful plant. My choice is an orchid; normally they are expensive but on Valentines day they are less than roses. Most people say orchids are too hard to take care of, but after many years of trial and error and visiting orchid growers I have found the easy keys to keeping mine alive for several years now. So for this Valentine, I am here to share with you the tricks and tips to making this plant a part of your Family. Here is a step-by-step to repotting your orchid when your special someone brings yours to you. Make sure to read all the way to the bottom for the most secretive, crazy but proven way to get yours to re-bloom.


Step 1:  You need a ceramic pot, plastic cup, watering can and a bark/charcoal orchid mix (buy at local greenhouse or online)


Step 2: Orchids do not like to be in soil. Many places that sell you orchids will ship them in soil to help last until the destination. Please, buy a bark/charcoal orchid mix. The roots need to breath and stay away from too much moisture.  img_1720

Step 3: turn your plastic cup upside down to make a platform for your orchid to sit on.


Step 4: If your orchid has dead dried roots cut them off so the new growth has room.


Step 5: Gently set the mass/cluster of roots on top of the plastic cup and let them cascade down to the bottom of the pot.



Step 6: Fill in and around the roots with the bark until it reaches the top of the pot


Step7: water so that the water flows down to the bottom of the pot. As the water evaporates the roots will soak in the water from the humidity in the air. Don’t fill up to where the roots are, just below. Orchid come from humid hot places. I’ve learned the hard way to not follow the “set an ice cube on the roots”, you just end up with frozen and dead roots. Follow these steps and you won’t have to worry about watering.  The leaves will tell you when it needs water by starting to droop.


Step 9: I fertilize with a orchid food or flowering plant food once a year and only when the plant is not blooming.


The secret, and proven trick, to getting a orchid to re-bloom came straight from a orchid grower. When asked, she said, “Orchids are a very jealous plant. Stick a silk or fake stem of orchid flowers in with the beautiful green leaves and it will start to re-bloom.” I’ve shared this trick with many friends and it truly works. Just keep your plant watered, don’t move it from its well lit space and it will stay very happy.

Happy Planting

Vintage Green

Vintage Glam with rich tones of greens. Michelle day was so much fun filled with creativity. This small intimate weddings took place on the front steps of this quaint chapel with a family farm table reception and a canopy of patio lights to fill the sky. Her bouquet over flowed with fall blooms in black eye Susan, persimmon, cockscomb, lace hydrangeas and thistle. These rich golds and greens perfectly coordinated with her one of a kind teal/green bridesmaid skirts with mix match tops. Photographed by family member Gunnpoint Photography . Thank you for letting Victorian Gardens be apart of your day.



Mint Julep and Raspberry Schnapes

I am a neutral tone girl but I love color too!! So I was so excited when Ellen requested raspberry blooms for her big day mixed with mint green dresses. A unique blend made for a stunning day at Longview Manson. All was beautifully captured by Freeland Photography. Truly Ellen was the queen of her day.


Black and White Done Right!

We Love working with unique and edgy brides. Our first wedding of the year this January was just that. Lindsey’s  Wedding was black and white with accents of grey and added in, accents of soft and fluffiness. We added cotton and black olive branches with grey moss in all kinds of textures. Her wonderful wedding took place at Historical Loose Mansion. The guys all wore black converse and black Suits and the girls had black dresses with black fur shoulder shawls. Cake by Dolce Bakery. Of course the day was perfect and we were so happy to work with Lydia Faith Photographs on this blissful event! Congrats to the wonderful couple.


Sweet Willow

Crisp pears, peachy blush and warm lush greens made for the perfect background and style for this lovely shoot. We love helping our brides and clients bring in the seasons and capture their aesthetic styles to create a day all about them. Working with wonderful vendors is also important. Check out this shoot as it is also featured in the spring issue of EA Bride Magazine.

wc2015Oct28-WillowCreek-EAbride-022wc12015Oct28-WillowCreek-EAbride-001wc22015Oct28-WillowCreek-EAbride-017wc32015Oct28-WillowCreek-EAbride-004Wc42015Oct28-WillowCreek-EAbride-039wc52015Oct28-WillowCreek-EAbride-065wc62015Oct28-WillowCreek-EAbride-070wc92015Oct28-WillowCreek-EAbride-005wc72015Oct28-WillowCreek-EAbride-083wc102015Oct28-WillowCreek-EAbride-019wc8wc182015Oct28-WillowCreek-EAbride-015wc152015Oct28-WillowCreek-EAbride-055wc13 © Pure in Art Photography © Pure in Art Photography


Art Director & Photographer  Jana Marie Photos
Photography Assisting Pure in Art photography
Job Shadower/Photography assistant Kandace Hamlett
Wardrobe stylist & event planner Kathleen Spiking Shop Soiree
Floral design & Set stylist  Victorian Gardens
Venue  Willow Creek
MUAH  Traci Morby
Gown  Ivory Lace Bridal Boutique
Suit  Wedding Expressions by Geri
Jewelry  Kendra Scott
Veils & accessories Tessa Kim
Chairs Event Rental Ultra Pom
Cake Dolce Bakery- Dolce Bakes
Model, Groom- Nick Voices Voices &
Model, Bride- Brooke Voices Voices &
Graphic Designer  Little Yellow Leaf


Touch of Tuscany

Leslie wanted a small intimate wedding with close friends and family. An event with a Tuscan feel with wine, good food and laughter. All of this was accomplished with the help of her daughter and planner of Madison Sanders Events. The Romantic setting was at the warm and timeless new venue Restoration 1894. Delicious food was prepared and served by Olive Events Catering and the sweet little historic Grand River Chapel was the quaint location for the ceremony. All of this captured by Anecdotally Yours Photography. Thank you Leslie and Jim for letting us be apart of your special day

leslie-jim93leslie-jim36leslie-jim187ried5leslie-jim82reid6leslie-jim679reid7leslie-jim244leslie-jim193ried3leslie-jim842015-08-07 21.57.58Reid102015-08-07 21.56.20leslie-jim350leslie-jim6992015-08-07 21.56.08leslie-jim3832015-08-07 21.56.36leslie-jim433leslie-jim646leslie-jim481Reid2leslie-jim378leslie-jim650leslie-jim440reid8leslie-jim477leslie-jim659leslie-jim661leslie-jim672leslie-jim655reid1leslie-jim657leslie-jim671-2leslie-jim689leslie-jim692leslie-jim710leslie-jim698leslie-jim685leslie-jim701leslie-jim707reid11leslie-jim714Ried4Reid12leslie-jim718Reid13leslie-jim119

Autumn Abundance

The Midwest has the most beautiful season of fall. The rich colors of the changing leaves was the idea addition to the look and feel of Danielle and Mark’s Wedding. Marsala and Plum mixed with blush, pinks and gold went perfectly with the setting Autumn sunset that crested on the horizon of the Hawthorne House. All of this captured by  Monika of Monphotogrphy.  Congrats to Dani and Mark.

Jones6DSC_7804jones2DSC_7776Jones13DSC_3877Jones8DSC_3964DSC_7850JOnes9jones 7image3j3DSC_8310DSC_4043image4JOnes15DSC_8290DSC_3698J1jones10DSC_3664JOnes11DSC_3642DSC_8187jones14DSC_8142DSC_8154IMG_1346jones3IMG_6241DSC_4031

Christmas Wreathing Workshop

We had a delightful Christmas Wreathing workshop this year. Many  of our dear close friends all brought together by the Christmas cheer and wonderful gathering of friendship.  The Stanley Event Space  accommodated  us with their stunning and festive historical space which made a lovely backdrop for this event. Treats and drinks of Raspberry rhubarb tarts, mini cheesecakes, tea cupcakes,Wassail, hot coco  and homemade chocolate chip cookie by  Andrea of Classic Cakes warmed the guests as the sweet aroma of pine and cedar filled the space. The gentle chatter and laughter made for a very enjoyable evening. These beautiful photos captured by Meghan Savage Photo left a lasting keepsake for our guest to see. Thank you to all who came and we are so excited about the next workshop to come.


DIY Christmas Dinner Party Favors

2015-12-06 23.40.03I love the holiday season and the memories we make with family and friends each year. I also love putting together a little memento for my guest to remember our special time. But how do we keep it simple during the hustle and bustle of the season? Here is a simple “how to” on a place setting/ornament for each guest to take home and enjoy for years to come.

Gather a few items:

  1. Hobby store clear or frosted glass bulb ornaments
  2. Can of chalkboard spray pain
  3. white sharpie pen
  4. ribbon of your choice

Lets get started.2015-12-06 21.50.28

  1. gather all your supplies

2015-12-06 21.55.18

2. remove the metal cap and wire hook from the ball and place over a wooded floral pick stuck into a piece of hard floral foam and spray your ball with the chalkboard paint.

2015-12-06 21.59.29

3. Paint your design and name of arriving guests (we decorated with snowflake)

2015-12-06 23.40.03

4. Tie off with a simple ribbon that they can use to hang their ornament when they bring it home.

2015-12-07 18.14.30

5. Place on their plate at the set table.

2015-12-06 23.37.04

*You could also place it in a coffee cup to keep it from rolling around.


2015-12-07 18.17.22

6. Set the rest of your table with your flowers and wait for your guests.

We hope you enjoyed this simple idea and have a wonderful holiday season. And from our family … Merry Christmas!

Easter Floral Crown Design Class

We thought how fun would it be fun to have a floral crown class for young girls to make and wear on Easter Sunday. Dressed in their easter dresses with the accessory of a flower crown. The Class was so much fun with several girls and ladies in attendance. Treats and drinks were provided along with photos for everyone. This was such a success that we will be providing a Mothers day Crown and Photo shoot as well. Here are the photos from the event. Thank you to Mike at 4 Honor Photography for capturing the event at the The Stanley Event Space.

11114724_10103006542865950_7107713352269932962_n11101216_10103006540390910_5895536340227931764_n11138585_10103006542481720_2395477185078407622_n11082531_10103006541583520_1223144148741383164_n 10957749_10103006542491700_3145373643846295423_n 10641128_10103006542746190_7685610039323215299_n tea Class 1 1619161_10103006543200280_2509744979828496113_nClass 311096615_10103006542826030_7584113643506701896_n 11133784_10103006543759160_4240402430032235254_nclass 10 10402025_10103006543794090_1123114848891445536_n 11026789_10103006543923830_5289207106020689504_n crown flower11058663_10103006544163350_5773289996396402057_n  class 410479697_10103006544243190_3397092870457647306_nclass 210401339_10103006544193290_8851287811292598576_n 1471094_10103006544472730_8264777551003509956_n 11091483_10103006544592490_7866599428937091534_n 17306_10103006544812050_6771362503624591860_n 10003176_10103006545001670_8238123488335414384_n 13080_10103006545131410_4684945457712679661_n 11141175_10103006546244180_4234092674337037199_nflowers class10425395_10103006545525620_2476156679064387040_n 10408645_10103006541468750_4646735804515931171_n11059701_10103006545590490_8438239559711320331_n 11096388_10103006545894880_6438069605665171397_n 10509568_10103006546264140_5586918370043980371_n  11078240_10103006546673320_9049365155581772355_n 11130168_10103006546718230_5277444714759623341_n 11115574_10103006546813040_4325198285743909718_n 11072751_10103006546937790_4899497163715633803_n   15899_10103006549068520_6992641212271383665_n 11054798_10103006548789080_3674278290518021159_n  11013215_10103006550056540_5533314159351661521_n          class 513920_10103006548200260_682466420870173047_n Class 6 15767_10103006547736190_1633485830934996098_nClass711037025_10103006549392870_3849354374535840830_n Class8 20208_10103006550296060_8767428665081230956_nClass 9   Crown Class 2

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