Christmas Wreathing Workshop

We had a delightful Christmas Wreathing workshop this year. Many  of our dear close friends all brought together by the Christmas cheer and wonderful gathering of friendship.  The Stanley Event Space  accommodated  us with their stunning and festive historical space which made a lovely backdrop for this event. Treats and drinks of Raspberry rhubarb tarts, mini cheesecakes, tea cupcakes,Wassail, hot coco  and homemade chocolate chip cookie by  Andrea of Classic Cakes warmed the guests as the sweet aroma of pine and cedar filled the space. The gentle chatter and laughter made for a very enjoyable evening. These beautiful photos captured by Meghan Savage Photo left a lasting keepsake for our guest to see. Thank you to all who came and we are so excited about the next workshop to come.


DIY Christmas Bouquet

We made this holiday bouquet some time back and it is all over Pinterest. Victorian Gardens Foral Design Pinterest board  Many have been asking what is in it and how to make it. So, here is a step-by-step of how we put this bouquet together.


Christmas Holiday Bouquet DIY


Christmas Holiday Bouquet DIY


Lets get started:

2015 DIY

Step 1: Start with Freedom Red roses (2 Dozen), which are readily available from your local Costco or Trader Joe’s. Red Alstroemeria, chocolate cosmos or Black scabiousa (butterfly blooms)  along with your favorite selection of evergreens. We chose Red Cedar and Juniper berries or Seeded Eucalyptus. Red Velvet to tie off.


Step 2: Clean the leaves, thorns and any damaged leaves from the blooms.

2015-Christmas Holiday Bouquet DIY

Step 3: bundle about 4-5 roses then began adding the alstroemeria as you rotate the bundle in your hand.

2015-Christmas Holiday Bouquet DIY

Step 4:  As you build add in the black/chocolate cosmos or scabiousa along with the seeded Eucalyptus or juniper berry.

2015-Christmas Holiday Bouquet DIY

Step 5: Add the red cedar underneath to cover the stems and finish off the fresh arrangement.

2015-CHristmas Holiday Bouquet DIY

Step 6: Cut all the stems the same length for a fresh clean cut and it is ready for water.

2015-Christmas Holiday Bouquet DIY

Step 7… Tie off with the velvet red ribbon for a beautiful finish.

2015-Christmas Holiday Bouquet DIY

Now you have your finished bouquet. This makes a wonderful hand tied gift for a Christmas dinner, party or cut the stems short and put in a vase for a centerpiece. We hope you have enjoyed this DIY and have fun.

Photo by Alea Lovely Photography


Courtney and Dylan Barr

We love when we get to work again with our brides/families time and time again. We had the joy of working with Nancy on her daughter Kelsey’s wedding earlier last year. So imagine our delight when she call us to work with her niece Courtney as well. Courtney and Dylan’s wedding was held at the stunning The Aspen Room in the historic downtown Lees Summit area. The simple elegant wedding with evergreens and metallic’s were beautiful on a crisp February day. Courtney and Dylan are a blast and such a fun couple to work with. For more photos of their day check out their photographers site. Her Song Photography. Congrats Courtney and Dylan! Thanks for letting us feel like apart of your wonderful family.

kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0009kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0027kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0008kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0075 kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0010 kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0011 kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0012 kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0014 kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0018kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0055 kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0072kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0066kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0064
kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0076 kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0068kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0090 kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0094 kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0104 kansas-city-wedding-photographers-the-stanley-dylan-and-courtney_0105

T-Sat 9am-5pm

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