Spring Photo Shoot

One of the amazing thing about social media is that you are able to find and follow other artists that have similar interests. They are capable of inspiring you as your closest friends would even though you have never met. So imagine my delight, when a photographer all the way from Colorado who I had been following via Instagram, who’s work and design style left me feeling so creative contacted me. Meghan Savage Photography had recently moved to Kansas City from Colorado and was looking to work with someone. Elated! I said of course, and together we designed this stunning Spring photo shoot with the help of a few additional new, and old friends. When asked who I would recommend for a cake, of course it would have to be my dear friend and colleague Andrea Britt with Classic Cakes. Also helping out was Alter BridalOne Sparrow Creative, and Natalie Navis. So encouraged and learned much, I can’t wait to work with all of them again.

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Rachel and Ashkahn Wedding

Rachel and Ashkahn had a beautiful wedding at Mildale Farms. Her beautiful colors were in all blush and neutral tones. Her bouquets were filled with garden roses, tulips, dahlias, sedum, hydrangeas and on the grooms request grapes. We lined the aisle with blush rose petals and adorn the chairs with clusters of flowers. The family style setting reception tables were lined with different arrangements and sizes in mix match vintage silver pieces. The cake was made by Classic Cakes. Photos by Steven Michael Photo. This wedding was featured on 100 Layer Cake Blog Thank you Rachel and Ashkahn for giving us this opportunity to assist you with your special day. Congratulations!

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